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Pete End, The B.C. Observer
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"Isaac and Quincy (2015)”
Best Sound Award
British Animation Film Festival 2015

"Isaac and Quincy (2015)”

Filmmaker’s Select Award
Short Com / Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015

"Isaac and Quincy (2014 ROUGH CUT)”

Best Editing Award
La Gaurimba Film Festival 2014

"8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE"
Winner of the YouTube & BarclayCard film competition 2009

"8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!"
Winner of the Comedy Central/Atom TV Award 2009

"Undead Union"
Golden Palm Award
Mexico International Film Festival 2009

"A Beginners Guide to Occupy"
CurrentTV & Vimeo Short Cuts Film Festival 2011

"Ice Cream"
Winner of the Ffresh International Film Festival 2009

"Urban Surfing"

Film of the Festival Award
Cornwall Film Festival 2008

"Pop off the Tops"
Winner of the Pringles/YouTube film competition 2008

"Noodleween" & "American Noodle Pie"
YouTube & Pot Noodle Network Viral Award 2007

"Urban Surfing"
Winner of the Carve Magazine/Resin8 film competition 2007

"Isaac and Quincy - Afro Justice" (LEGO short)
Winner of the Universal Studios & Metro film competition 2007


"Isaac and Quincy"
LOCO London Comedy FIlm Festival 2015

"The Royal (8-BIT) Jubblies"
LimeLight Film Awards 2014

"The Royal (8-BIT) Jubblies"
London Short Film Festival 2014

"GoThinkBig (O2) Advert"
Bradford Animation Festival 2013

"The Royal (8-BIT) Jubblies"
Encounters Short Film Festival 2013

"Wizard's Magic Jam/The Origin of Dubstep"
AniJam 48 Hour animation competition 2013

"Isaac and Quincy - The TV Show?"
LimeLight Film Awards 2012

"Isaac and Quincy - The TV Show?"
Cornwall Film Festival 2011

"Isaac and Quincy - The TV Show?"
Rushes Soho Shorts 2011

"8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!"
BOFF & ANIMATRON Babelgum Film Festival 2010

"8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!"
Encounters Short Film Festival 2009

"Urban Surfing"
AnimateExeter 2008

"Urban Surfing"
Viral video Award 2008

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